Tenebris – A new project

After finishing Blinkin Blobs, I started work on a few prototypes of which two quickly became my favorites, a top down sci-fi horror game (Tenebris) and a


Media Book was an iPad app I built for Whiteroom, it was used for storing and presenting images, videos, audio files and PDFs. It included many

Giant Bicycles – Euro Bike (2012)

As part of Whiterooms design for Giants 2012 euro bike stand, 11 iPads were used to display information for the different bikes on show. The application included touchable hotspots that

Giant Showroom/Sales App

The Giant Showroom/Sales was an application used by salesmen to sell items to bike shops. It was later updated to so that shops could also order stock directly

Blinkin Blobs (PSM/XBIG)

Blinkin Blobs is an action puzzle game, where you have to remove all of the blobs from the game board. You do this by catching