WayPoint is a GPS based safety app designed to keep you safer when out and about. WayPoint uses your phones GPS to generate a map of your current location and allows you to easily share it with your friends and family by SMS, Email, Facebook and many more. Use the location-tracking feature to generate a map of your current and previous locations and then automatically send it to a designated contact by SMS or Email. Enable the SMS location request service to allow your close friends and family to get your location automatically by text message (perfect for parents). Change the default password to protect you privacy while ensuring your safety. In a worst-case scenario you can activate your personal alarm, this will send your current location by SMS and email to your designated contacts letting them know you need help. The alarm will continue to send your location every 5 minutes until you deactivate the alarm. WayPoint includes 4 widgets that can be added to your home screen:
  •  The Alert Widget will activate your personal alarm
  •  The Share Location Widget will open the location-sharing screen
  •  The Track Location Widget will open the location-tracking screen
  •  The Settings Widget will open the settings screen.
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