Tenebris – A new project

After finishing Blinkin Blobs, I started work on a few prototypes of which two quickly became my favorites, a top down sci-fi horror game (Tenebris) and a 2D puzzle platformer which will most likely become my next project. As I experimented more with the design of Tenebris, the game evolved to have a emphasis of being trapped in the dark, and the fear of not knowing whats in the surrounding area. Over the last couple of weekends I have being working on the tools and systems that will allow me to quickly create maps/levels for Tenebris with out having to write custom code for each map/level. I wanted to keep the code as portable as possible and to do this I decided to use XNA/MonoGame again, as this allows me to target PlayStation Mobile, Xbox Indie Games, Desktop and many more, with hopefully little code change. To create the maps/level I am using Tiled and have written my own custom TMX loader.
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